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Looking for a great photography set up? Look no further than a large window and a sunny day!  Natural light is the KEY to great pictures. Trust me, I've tried it all, and I've found that late morning southern sun diffused by a light curtain works the best for product pictures. Do light boxes work? Sure, sometimes. I suppose it depends on the look you are going for. To me, light boxes are great if you are selling on Amazon and need to focus on the product only. But for a maker, its better to stand out and be unique because ultimately we are selling ourselves as much as we sell our products.

So here is my set up- an old TV tray set up in front of my bedroom window. I used a  vinyl sticky tile in a natural wood grain finish and a couple of props to add depth and interest.

Now, I have an amazing DSL camera with 3 lenses and a few lens filters..... buuut, I didn't use that. I guess I'm impatient and I like to snap and go- so my usual go-to camera comes courtesy of my trusty iPhone 6s. (Nope, I don't even use the latest and greatest tech either! Lol!) 😜

One thing I cannot stress enough though is WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS!! Especially when posting on the internet. Your photos are what market your products, and with the ability to copy, paste, share... you will want your photos to to stay YOUR photos as much as possible. So next time someone searches Google Images and sees one of your photos- it will have your name on it.  Boom. Marketing. 😂

Now go try taking some pictures, and make it fun!! 💕


🎀 🎀


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